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  • “There is nothing stronger than gentleness; there is nothing more gentle than real strength.”
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    Therapy for Women who wish to connect with themselves and others in a more meaningful manner. “Lose your mind and come to your senses.” (Fritz Perls)

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It’s hard finding the “right” therapist.  It’s almost like you need to be a therapist to know what qualities/attributes to look for in a therapist.  So many choices...where to turn?  How do you know which therapist will be the best fit for you?

Have you already been in therapy, perhaps with several different therapists?  Are you finding it hard to find that “good fit” you hear about that is such an important aspect of therapy?  I truly hope you have not experienced what is referred to in the mental health field as the “iatrogenic effects of therapy”.  This is just a “fancy-schmancy” way of saying, “does more harm than good”.  Well, you’re here and you’re still searching...so that suggests to me, as I’m hoping it does to you, too, that you have not given up on therapy yet.

It takes a lot of courage and strength to not only admit to yourself, but to reach out to another to show your vulnerability in asking for help.  Perhaps you have been perusing my website for several months now and have contemplated reaching out for help, but you are just not quite ready to do so.  That’s okay.  This is about your needs, not mine.  You’ll call when you’re ready....

I would like to be the therapist you choose to help you actualize your potential and lead a life that is less complicated, simpler and more meaningful.   We can work together to better understand and overcome that which stands in your way.  Utilizing a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to therapy, we may form a collaborative partnership specific to your needs and goals.  It is possible to feel better about yourself, about life, and that which is standing in your way of fulfillment and inner peace.  If you feel like you’re on “sensory overload” and need to find the quiet place in your mind, I am here to help.

If you are seeking extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to being a catalyst in helping to facilitate the growth you envision for yourself.  

Thank you.  Alex  🌻


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